Coimbra and Santo António

Coimbra and Santo António


In the centre of Portugal, Coimbra has in the Mondego river its identity. Since ancient times, it's the Mondego that co-writes the History and stories of the city.

Besides being the first capital of Portugal (Afonso Henriques, 13th century), in 1290 King D. Dinis created the Portuguese General Study, the seed to what we know as University of Coimbra, since its definite establishment in Coimbra, in 1537, at the royal palace.

Love stories have the Mondego as scenario, and its influence is central in culinary and cultural traditions, arts and crafts, as well as city life: walking and cycling river banks, boat trips and nautical sports, linking city parks.   

Walking around the city is an adventure in between centuries, that invites you to be part of a lively multicultural city, where History is always in the making.         

From Monte dos Olivais to Jardim da Sereia ("mermaid's" city park)

Santa Cruz Monastery

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28th June 1131 the foundation stone of Mosteiro de Santa Cruz was laid and so begun the construction of what became one of the most prominent, recognized and dynamic Cultural Centres of Europe; the seed for what was to become the Portuguese University.

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