About us

Booksteps®/ Caminhos Contados

Our mission

We aim to provide unique cultural tourism experiences, linking the richness of historic heritage with the most recent digital technology. 

We aim to present to visitors and tourists, but also to residents, a new way to explore and understand the past, while connecting immersively with the present and co-creating new experiences in the places visited.

Our vision

We aim to be a reference in digital cultural tourism, where each itinerary is a key to discover and learn, connecting with other people as well as with Culture and Heritage. 

We aim to build a network of explorers passionate about Heritage, Culture and History, looking for experiences that mix education, technology and adventure.

Alice Luxo

Alice Luxo is the founder and CEO of Casas Contadas®, the sme that started the project "Booksteps® / Caminhos Contados".

Stories are part of her life since ever. As she was growing up, she had a "creative and engaging" storyteller grandma that influenced, and still influences, her. She listened to her stories time and time again, without even caring for a nap, that she considered "a waste of time" as there was always so much to learn from granny.

Alice inherited this gift and became an Heritage "storyteller" Interpreter. And that's what she's been doing for more than 25 years, professionally. 

Casas Contadas

Talking to friends, residents and retailers, Alice realized that telling stories could be the answer to keep visitors and tourists more satisfied with their tourist experience in Coimbra.

That's when she got the idea to create something that would envolve History, Culture, Retail, Tourists, Visitors and the local community in the co-creation of  tourist experiences.

We learn better by doing and by listening to envolving stories. Tourism is the best story we can share and co-create, is a diplomatic approach to Culture and Heritage and a truly Ambassador for Sustainabiity. 

The future is the experiences we co-create today.