Join us for an unforgettable journey:

discover Heritage while Living innovation


Together we will be sharing and co-creating Booksteps®!

Exploring the past has never been such an adventure. We invite you to co-create a memorable journey, where you can find History, Culture, Heritage and Technology side-by-side.

Much more than a collaborative project developed between Casas Contadas® - smart cultural tourism and EAI, Booksteps® is the key to discover and experience Heritage in an innovative way.

Imagine a world where stories and History turn real and technology becomes your discoveries' guide

This is our statement: co-create cultural tourism digital itineraries, taylor-made, along with historical archives and state-of-the-art research at hands' distance.

Just prepare yourself for memorable experiences, each step leading you to Natural surroundings and Heritage; taste the difference: experience and co-create enchanting memories.

Since 2013, University of Coimbra - Alta and Sofia is a World Heritage Site and Booksteps® invites you to discover why.

Booksteps® is a cultural tourism bridge between tradition and contemporaneity, linking you to the past through a present experience that connects you to the future.

Santo António will be one of your Booksteps® discoveries' guide and He will take you for a walk in between the 13th and the 21st century and ... beyond.

Let's embrace a journey, where each itinerary is a story and each story builds the future. 

Booksteps®, where discovery never ends.

Taylor-made Digital itineraries

Digital tourism itineraries for you to discover and taste Cultural Heritage your own way. Each itinerary is carefully planned and prepared so you can live and co-create a unique experience, adapted to your interests and curiosity.

Access to Historic Archives

Secrets and stories of the past delivered at your hand. Booksteps® gives you easy and intuitive access to historic and contemporary archives, letting each place tell its' own story, in an envolving way.

Recent Academic research

Keep yourself updated with recent academic research and publications. Learn by doing. Booksteps® will connect you to the most recent discoveries as well as to books, authors and artisans, making your experience also educational.

Just take a look at the available itineraries!

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